The Champions League will resume next spring and some of the best European clubs have already secured passage to the next stage. Barcelona, Real Madrid, Chelsea and Bayern Munich are the main favorites to lift the trophy, but there are a couple of dark horses to factor in. All these teams are now free to focus on the domestic championship, until the most important European competition resumes in 2015.

Champions-LeagueMeanwhile, the ones who fail to win the group or finish in the second place follow an entirely different path and eight teams will move to Europa league. These are the ones who finished in the third-place, barely missing qualification and for some of them this result is immensely frustrating. Liverpool and AS Roma were the ones who started as favorites to advance to the elimination rounds and they had their faith in their hands this midweek.

Both of them suffered a humiliating exit and the second best European competition is nothing more than a pale consolation for them. Olympiacos, FC Zenit and Sporting Clube de Portugal had only theoretical chances to survive the groups before the last match, because they depended on other teams to win. At the opposite end of the spectrum, we have RSC Anderlecht, AFC Ajax and Athletic Club who had low expectations before the competition started and can consider themselves lucky not to finish last.

All these clubs are now waiting for the official draw which is scheduled for Monday at noon in Nyon, when they will find out the names of their opponents. Olympiacos, Sporting, Athletic and Zenit are the ones to be seeded in the last 32, which means they will be next to pool winners whilethe other four teams will compete against the 12 runners-up.

Europa League resumes on February 19 and the second leg is scheduled for the very next week, so these squads will have another chance to prove their worth. Whether they hope to change the awful impression they left on their fans after being eliminated from the Champions League or have high expectations for Europa League, they are expected to put up quite a fight. In this stage of the competition it is not possible for teams from the same country to play against each other and the same goes for clubs from Ukraine and Russia.