The quarterfinals of the Champions League are scheduled to start in early April, but meanwhile the teams are anxiously waiting for the Nyon draw. index

It will decide the names of their opponents and with only 8 left in the race, the competition will be intense and there is no room for errors.

The previous stage produced a couple of surprises, while several favorites advanced to the next round, after surviving major scares. Barcelona and Juventus were the only teams to win both legs and they could’ve won by a wider margin, but missed out on excellent scoring opportunities. Both

played offensive football at home and on the road and dominated their opponents, while keeping clean sheets in a single leg. It will be interesting to see these two teams going head to head in the quarterfinals, as they have met several times in the most important European competition.

Arsenal and Chelsea are both out of the picture after scoring three goals and allowing just as many in the two legged round. The Blues settle for draws in both legs and suffered a shocking meltdown in overtime, despite having one man up on the field and home pitch advantage. PSG survived crushing odds and fully deserves a place in the quarterfinals, a stage that proved to be insurmountable so far for the French team.

Arsenal played pretty well in the first leg and outstanding in France, but unfortunately for them, they couldn’t offset the home defeat. Monaco defended with all lines and survived the 90 minutes each, but they are the team credited with the worse chance to progress to the semifinals. Bayern Munchen and Porto were denied the chance to win on the road, but solved the matter ofqualification in the second leg.

They won by an ample margin and didn’t leave the visitors any chance, securing a qualification to the quarterfinals, that everyone was expecting. The Germans are anxiously waiting to see whom they will be pit against in the next round, although they are the only team in the Champions League guaranteed to be credited with the first chance regardless of opponent.

Atletico and Real Madrid both advanced to the quarterfinals in dramatic fashion, in games that could’ve gone either way. The reigning champions lost the second leg at home and conceded four goals in a surprising defensive meltdown, while Atletico needed overtime and penalty shootouts to eliminate Leverkusen.

At the end of the day both German teams were sent home leaving only Bayern to fight for the trophy, but they put up a fierce resistance, one they should be proud of.

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