The UK market is one of the most lucrative in Europe, but as a result of new taxes being introduced at the end of 2014, some operators decided to close their doors. Trills

Meanwhile, they are looking for alternatives and there are two countries that stand out from the crowd: Germany and Spain.

Thrills Casino already has a dominant position in the former and it makes perfect sense to try to expand to new frontiers, something that explains their really signed the agreement.
They shook hands with MGA and hope that in 2015, they will manage to take the Spanish market by storm and replicate their performance beyond borders.

The reason for why they choose this content provider is also self evident, because the company is based in Barcelona, which means that it has unrestricted access to the local market. They have already set important milestones and pioneer the introduction of new games that Spanish customers appreciate.

They have a reputation of using the latest technologies to develop original slot machines and they know what teams are particularly attractive to customers from Latin America, Spain and the Mediterranean basin. While they are located in Barcelona, they have higher expectations and plan on expanding on a global scale, something that they are very likely to succeed if they choose partners wisely.

Thrills Casino has succeeded in its previous endeavors and there is no reason for why they would falter in Spain, especially after signing this deal. On the other hand, the International Sales Manager at MGA was also very optimistic about the prospect of joining forces with the online gambling company. They’ve got a couple of new slot machines, bingo games and scratch cards to introducing 2015 and they need a way to access the road customer base.

The games have been optimized to run smoothly on mobile devices as well as desktop and laptop computers, so it is only fair to assume that the players will be happy with what is being offered to them. The online casino will benefit as well from having the latest HTML 5 technologies incorporated in their already impressive collection of games.

Even now, they are allowing members to play their favorite titles on smart phones and tablets, but the comprehensive collection will be expanded even further.

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