All good things eventually come to an end, with the lucrative deal between Jonathan Duhamel and PokerStars being a good example.

The Canadian poker player is second only to Daniel Negreanu when it comes to overall winnings made playing poker and was an asset for the online poker room.

They shook hands many years ago and he representing the company both online and in brick-and-mortar casinos, while benefiting from a comprehensive sponsorship program.

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Jonathan was the one who won the 2010 World Series of poker main event, an achievement that made him significantly richer but also led to this partnership. For many years, they enjoyed a mutually lucrative agreement, so it came as a surprise that they decided to part ways so unexpected. The poker company is yet to issue a formal statement, but sources inside the poker room say that they won’t be working together in the foreseeable future.

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The 27-year-old player is still active over the Internet and he exhibits the same motivation when it comes to playing in traditional casinos. A versatile professional who is equally capable at winning tournaments and competing at cash game tables, Duhamel was the image of PokerStars since 2011. Now that the partnership is about to conclude, his name was removed from the list of Team PokerStars Pro members.

This was the first sign that something was off about this agreement and many of his fans concluded that the end was nigh. After winning the WSOP main event, Jonathan emerged victorious in several EPT tournament and had no problem in competing in highroller tournaments. He was also active at nosebleed limits online, but decided to focus on the game format that was more suitable to his playing style.

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In 2015, he started strong with cash finishes in more European Poker Tour event and also made deep runs in World Poker Tour competitions. Some are concerned that his career took a turn for the worse, as he didn’t win a seven digit amount, but variance is something that affects all tournament players. Meanwhile, Jonathan found the time to write a poker strategy book which goes by the name of Final Table A Winning Poker Approach from a WSOP Champion.

It sold like hot cookies and presented readers with a chance to catch a glance at what happens behind the scenes, while also consolidating their poker knowledge.