Cheeky Bingo knows how to celebrate the beginning of a new month and June makes no exception, with several promotions being unveiled on the first day. Throughout the opening week, players are invited to check out the newly opened bingo rooms, where they can participate in free tournaments. All beginners and those who are yet to make the first deposit can play these games, but prior to cashing out their profits, they are expected to make a qualifying deposit.

There is no better way of getting accustomed with the manner in which the game is played over the Internet, without taking any chances whatsoever. Once players are convinced by the advantages of playing here, they will be provided with the means of making a swift transition to real money.


Each Saturday players will be competing for boosted jackpots ranging from €500-€1000 or currency equivalent and the games are scheduled to take place at 8 PM.
What this means is that players who buy in for as little as five cents are going to enter the race for a prize that is 2000 times higher. The odds of winning are the same as when competing in other tournaments, with mini bingo games being just as entertaining as their classic counterparts. Spending some quality time playing bingo over the Internet has never been more profitable and for such a small investment, anyone can compete for juicy jackpots.

Players who pre-buy their bingo game cards are going to receive the same number of cards for free, so their chances to win are doubled right from the start. Anyone can participate and there are no restrictions for new and existing members, with the only requirement being too play the selected games on Saturday. The temptation of getting on board will be overwhelming for many fans of the game, so they should know that players shouldn’t purchase in excess of 96 bingo tickets.


This is a more than reasonable threshold given the low price of tickets and with almost as many as 100 bingo tickets, the odds should always be in their favor. Players are also expected to accept the general terms and conditions when joining this promotion, especially when they try to cash out their profits. Any abuses will be swiftly reprimanded and those who are find at fault are in real danger of being excluded from future promotions as well.