By this time next year, we’ll know the name of the European champion, but football betting fans already know a great deal about the participants. The qualifiers actu-08042015id2406have finally ended and not surprisingly the top European teams are in the race for the coveted trophy, with a couple of exceptions.

Compared to previous years, more teams will participate in the final competition and this opened the way to mediocre side to advance.

One of the notable things is that England managed to win all the games, a stellar performance that brings confidence to its fans. Looking back, the team struggles in the early stages of European and international tournaments and quite often suffered an untimely elimination from these competitions.

They definitely hope that this won’t be the case next year and given their performance so far they are entitled to be cheerful and optimistic about what the future might bring.

Germany, Spain and Portugal all qualify without breaking a sweat and won their groups, while France didn’t have to participate due to the fact that it is the host country. The aforesaid teams had relatively easy groups, but were surprised by a couple of ambitious opponents, who managed to defeat them when they had the home pitch advantage.

One thing to keep in mind is that some of their key players are fighting a war on two fronts, competing in the Champions League as well as their domestic leagues.

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Elsewhere, former champions such as Greece failed miserably and finish the group stage in the last place with a single victory, scrapped in the final minutes of the game against Hungary. Turkey and the Netherlands were expected to dominate their group and the fans from the two positions at the top, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Turkey started the qualifying campaign in a terrible fashion but eventually picked up speed and finished with back-to-back victories against tough opponents.

By comparison, the Dutch team was on the brink of seizing qualification after the first five rounds, but they suffered a complete meltdown. The fact that they staged an incredible comeback in the final rounds didn’t make any difference as they had to settle for the third-place.

Football fans and pundits are now anxiously waiting to see the schedule for the playoffs, as the teams finishing in the third-place will have to go through an extra around.