Online casino games excel at providing members with slot machines, ranging from classic three reel versions to the latest five reel variety. In between, players also have the chance to compete at table games and appreciate the atmosphere of brick-and-mortar casinos.

Now you can enjoy the best of both worlds by opening an account that Casino BLU, as the online casino will send you to a rich blackjack tournament.

The event will take place in Gibraltar and the qualifiers have always either, so for the remainder of 2015 players will have something to fight for. The buying for the upcoming tournament consists of a massive €10,000, but the return on investment makes the effort worthwhile. Casino BLU is actively advertising the blackjack tournament and provides a shortcut for those who want to participate but don’t have the resources or willingness to spend a five digit amount.


If you find the buying prohibitive, know that the alternative is quite convenient and you can book your place at the tables for significantly less. As we magic, the games available in their online offer includes blackjack and it comes in different flavors, including the one that can be played in Gibraltar later this year. There are qualifying tournaments running on a daily basis and you can participate in any of them, with the lucky winners being sent to the sunny island for free.

Casino BLU is going to take care of all the expenses, so don’t have to worry about anything and just enjoy the trip and games. The winners will spend five days at a five-star hotel with all the accommodation being paid for and they will also receive some pocket change. The idea is to make the most of this rare opportunity of competing against the best blackjack players in the world, while also spending the time of your life at the Mediterranean.


Depending on how much money and time they have the span, players can choose between more less expensive satellites. It goes without saying that when you participate in the least expensive ones will compete against thousands of opponents, therefore your chances to win are significantly less. At the opposite end of the spectrum sit qualifiers that cost as much as €250 or currency equivalent. These have the upside of sending the winner to Gibraltar straightaway, without unnecessary delays.

There are plenty of reasons to participate in the qualifiers, besides the obvious one of cutting down on costs as much as possible. Players will have the chance to hone their blackjack skills in an environment they feel comfortable, as the games can be played on mobile devices as well as desktop computers. Expect stiff competition in Gibraltar, so take this qualifiers seriously because perseverance can ultimately made the difference between untimely elimination and a deep run in the tournament. One can only imagine how much money is up for grabs if the buy-in consists of €10,000.