Ladbrokes is on the most professional online gambling operators in United Kingdom and it has a dedicated follower base beyond borders. They’ve got a flawless track record and the tradition that spans over more than a century, which ensures its success in the competitive arena. T

heir executive structure has remained mostly unchanged over the last couple of years as the company has fared better than expected. However, some changes are at the horizon and you are prompted by the big merger ahead.

Ladbrokes and Coral have joined forces and in a not so distant future they will effectively act as a single company. As a result, they will be major changes and the nonexecutive director positions are the ones that will be affected first. The transition will require a lot of time and effort, but the most important books were already made. In order to make sure that the process is straightforward and go silky smooth, these changes are going to be made gradually.

Mark Clare was appointed Senior Independent Director which is an important position and he also served in two other important positions. This appointment didn’t come as a surprise to those who have followed the development within the company over the last two days. Only nonexecutive positions are going to be affected, which means that business will go as usual for those in key places. This is reassuring for the players as well, as they don’t want any kind of turmoil or uncertainty at the top of the hierarchy.


Current Non-Executive Directors of Ladbrokes, Sly Bailey and David Martin are no longer at the helm. They decided to step down from the board and this decision had an immediate effect, so they won’t be any shockwaves created by the move. These valuable people are not going to be lost for the company, because they can serve other positions and put their knowledge to good use. This is the reason for why Ladbrokes has been so successful over the years, as it always knew how to make the most of good talent.

Mark Pain is also a name that those who gamble here are going to hear more often. He is now a member of the Remuneration Committee as well as other important committees within the company. In a nutshell, some positions were lost, because the new company is supposed to be more effective and lean.