InterCasino has been over the course of time one of the most respectable and prestigious gambling groups in North America and worldwide. They logo inter casinomanaged to expand their flawless track record even after online gambling was banned in the United States.

As the other anxiously waiting for more favorable laws to pass, they continue to expand their presence in countries worldwide. In the most recent press release, they have announced the fact that assets were sold to a new owner from Asia.

The new company will try to take advantage of this well-respected brand and put its vast resources to good use. What we know is that the investment group has high expectations from this new partnership and hopes to take the poker industry by storm. The sale of assets shouldn’t frighten affiliates because very little will change in the wake of this acquisition.

Those who are part of their fast network will still receive the compensation they are entitled to without any major changes.

The fact that InterCasino is pursuing this road is actually good news, since it highlights their commitment to push the envelope even further. For those who haven’t played casino games so far or poker, this new expansion might make the brand more visible in new countries.

Other announcements made by the company suggests the fact that South America will spearhead the offensive but Asian countries are also feature on the list. That’s a direct consequence of their poker assets being bought by Asian investors.

Players shouldn’t worry about the changes either, because all of them will be for the better and will open the road to new opportunities. Welcome bonuses and promotions are always the most difficult to change gradually and they tend to remain the same over the course of years.

Casinos require a major change to modify the terms and conditions and also to offer new bonuses. This is particularly the kind of milestone that players were waiting for and it is expected to lead to significant and positive changes.

Players will benefit from the same generous rewards if they prove their loyalty, while newcomers will tap into great introductory offers. It’s going to be business as usual, but with a twist, since InterCasino is once again on the offensive and expected to quickly close the gap separating it from industry leaders.